Let our experienced service experts tackle your repairs, remodeling, and expansion needs.
Our residential services include:

  • Home generator installation- central Florida homes often lose power, especially during hurricane season. Protect your home with a natural gas-fed generator that can power your whole home for days.
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting - inadequate lighting can add stress, reduce appeal, and decrease safety (crimes of opportunity).
  • Lightning rods and surge protection - Protect your appliances and electronics from the side effect of our frequent thunderstorms.
  • Efficiency upgrades - we can save you money with energy efficient upgrades to your existing electronics. Let us install LED lights, solar panels, electronic shade, and more.
  • Electric car charging - let us install 215Amp outlets and charging stations at your home to help reduce your car charging times and fossil fuel dependence. 
  • Creature comforts - from ceiling fans to child-proof outlets, let us install the electrical tools to make you feel more comfortable in your own home.
  • Rewiring and electrical repairs - do the lights flicker in your guest room? Does your wall make a strange buzzing sound whenever the air-conditioner kicks on? Let our trained specialists inspect and replace faulty equipment.

We guarantee quality craftsmanship & 24 hour emergency service for clients, so contact us today to discuss your project.